Wordz & Mashbeatz Draw Their Swords With “ONLY THE BRAVE” Album Release


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Wordz & Mashbeatz Draw Their Swords With “ONLY THE BRAVE” Album Release. It’s now almost a tradition, or rather a well-earned expectation, that each time MashBeatz drops a new project, it sends ripples through the South African Hip Hop scene. Fans eagerly await his releases, confident that they’ll be nothing short of extraordinary.

Wordz & Mashbeatz Draw Their Swords With “ONLY THE BRAVE” Album Release

This time, the acclaimed producer has teamed up with the lyrical dynamo Wordz, delivering their latest collaborative masterpiece, “ONLY THE BRAVE.” This album promises to captivate and elevate the genre, setting new benchmarks for quality and creativity in SA Hip Hop.

With MashBeatz’s masterful beats and Wordz’s sharp wordplay, this collaboration promises to be a tour de force in the South African hip-hop scene. Coming through with the body of the word, MashBeatz and Wordz dropped a 12-track fully-fledged rap album sandwiched by the top-notch lineup of features which are also luminaries in the SA rap scene.

Kicking off the album with a bang, MashBeatz and Wordz introduce “Face The Lord,” a track that exemplifies their unparalleled production and lyrical depth. The song is a masterclass in top-notch production, with MashBeatz crafting a beat that is both intricate and powerful, setting the perfect stage for Wordz’s compelling delivery.

The lyrics delve into profound themes of faith and redemption, resonating with listeners through their sincerity and intensity. Wordz’s performance is imbued with a sense of conviction, making “Face The Lord” not just an opening track but a powerful statement that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is a testament to their ability to blend meaningful content with exceptional musicality, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on all who hear it.

The album’s momentum picks up as it transitions into a full-fledged rap odyssey with “Tsonga Agenda.” Wordz, Mochen, and DJ Sliqe come together for a high-octane performance, delivering their verses with relentless energy and precision. The track showcases their seamless collaboration, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the table, creating a dynamic listening experience.

The atmosphere couldn’t have been more thrilling than when 25K unleashed his fierce rap bars on “Halloween,” joined by Sastii and LaCabra. As always, 25K lived up to his reputation as he delivered his verses with impeccable skill and intensity, adding his signature touch to the track.

Priddy Ugly exemplifies the challenge of maintaining unwavering consistency in the rap game while continuously delivering music that resonates deeply. His inclusion in ONLY THE BRAVE is a testament to his enduring bravery as an artist in the South African rap scene. On the track “Talk About It,” Priddy Ugly once again proves his mettle, bringing his distinctive style and lyrical prowess to the forefront.

In a bold move to reclaim his throne in South African rap, Wordz unleashed his lyrical sword in the track “ADAM,” addressing none other than fellow rapper A-Reece. This standout moment on the album showcases Wordz at his most assertive, asserting his position with precision and passion.

Bringing the album to a powerful conclusion, “Imali” featuring Usimamane injects the final burst of energy needed to round out the body of work. Usimamane’s flawless raps on this track exemplify his ascent towards greatness, adding a dynamic and vibrant touch to the album’s final curtain.

The post Wordz & Mashbeatz Draw Their Swords With “ONLY THE BRAVE” Album Release appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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