Ricky Tyler’s ‘Happy to be Alive’: A Journey Beyond R&B and Hip Hop


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South African-born singer and songwriter Ricky Tyler has dropped a scorching new offering, “Happy to be Alive” (H2BA). Poised to shake up the local R&B and Hip Hop scene, Ricky delivers a meticulously crafted sophomore album that showcases his vocal prowess and lyricism. Since his debut in 2016, Ricky has been synonymous with R&B and Hip Hop, but H2BA shows he is more than that, exploring local genres like amapiano and afrobeats.

Reflecting on the album’s significance, Ricky shared, “The inspiration behind the title is based on the last three years of my life, which were quite life-changing. I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in my life when it comes to friends and family. It’s me putting out a statement to say ‘I’m just happy to be alive’, and being able to keep doing what I do.”

H2BA delves into a range of topics, including love, grief, gender-based violence, and youthful exuberance. On the track “Finally Famous,” Ricky touches on his mother’s passing and the challenges he’s faced. “Another Episode,” featuring Kenyan artist Bien, is set to dominate the airwaves, continuing to gain recognition and love across different platforms. Other collaborations include Tellaman, Vuyina, and Kurun, showcasing Ricky’s diverse musical palette.

Ricky’s artistic flair is evident in every aspect of his work, from songwriting to live performances, music videos, and online content. Listeners can expect an album with no skip-throughs, guaranteed to have favourites on repeat. Following his feature on the “Rhythms of Zamunda” soundtrack for the Coming 2 America film and NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts in 2021, H2BA is set to catapult Ricky Tyler to greater heights on the international stage.

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