Leigh Audrey Makes Her Music Debut With “Hold Me”


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South African-born artist Leigh Audrey brings the heat as winter approaches, but not just for physical warmth. Her debut single, “Hold Me,” is a soulful plea for a deeper connection.

Audrey sings with undeniable conviction over a gentle acoustic guitar and rhythmic percussion. The lyrics paint a picture of being captivated by a lover’s aura, both physically and emotionally.

This isn’t just any debut. “Hold Me” marks the arrival of a multi-talented artist. Leigh Audrey isn’t new to the world of performance – she’s a trained singer, dancer, and actress. However, “Hold Me” represents her stepping into the spotlight as a creative force.

“Hold Me” is more than just a song; it’s a culmination of Audrey’s artistic journey. Having spent years bringing other artists’ visions to life, “Hold Me” represents her stepping out front. In her own words, it’s her “first born,” a testament to the passion and dedication she’ s poured into this project.

With “Hold Me,” Leigh Audrey is sure to set the South African music scene ablaze. Keep an eye on this rising star! Listen to “Hold Me,” Below:

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