Co-Defendants Dropped From Rodney Lil Rod’ Jones’ Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Diddy


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Music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, one of numerous alleged victims who have accused Sean “Diddy” Combs of acts of sexual violence and other abuses, has dropped multiple high-profile defendants from a lawsuit he filed against the Bad Boy mogul in February.

According to Hip Hop DX, the list of defendants in Jones’ lawsuit initially included Universal Music Group and its chairman Sir Lucian Grainge, who the suit alleged “aided and abetted” Diddy in his alleged sexual abuse. But those names have been withdrawn from the filing and the claims against them and against Motown Recordings have been dismissed with prejudice, meaning claims against them cannot be refiled.

Jones’ legal representation was pretty vague on why Grainge and the two music companies were dropped from the suit, although the now-former defendants had all filed motions to have their cases dismissed.

“All of the claims against Grainge, Motown and UMG Recordings (the ‘UMG Defendants’) in the [second amended complaint] are lacking in any legally cognizable basis,” the filing read. “Every claim is premised on the untenable strict liability theory that when one enters into a commercial contract, the payor under that contract becomes liable for anything that the recipient of payment does with the payment.” Apparently, Jones’ attorneys eventually agreed.

From Hip Hop DX:

Lil Rod’s attorney Tyrone Blackburn said in a sworn declaration filed in court: “Based on my examination of all of the papers submitted in support of both motions to dismiss, which addressed the issues I had, I have concluded that there is no legal basis for the claims and allegations that were made against the UMG Defendants.”

He added: “As such, I have determined that the proper course of action is for all of the claims and all of the allegations to be withdrawn immediately.”

It’s worth noting that UMG has also petitioned to be removed from a lawsuit filed by another Diddy accuser identified as Jane Doe, and that filing also appears to make the core argument that the company isn’t responsible for anything Diddy did, if he did it.

“The Complaint’s allegations, if true, are certainly disturbing,” the filing read. “Plaintiff makes no allegation supporting vicarious liability for battery or assault (nor could she).

“Plaintiff’s NIED [negligent infliction of emotional distress] claim also fails because she has not alleged any duty owed to her by UMGR, and nowhere in Plaintiff’s Complaint does she allege that UMGR’s conduct was extreme and outrageous, as she is required to do as a matter of legal sufficiency,” it continued.

As much as Diddy has been trying to play it cool online, there is no hiding the fact that he is drowning in scandals, legal woes and professional uncertainty, and one can imagine there will be more people close to him who will either need to jump ship or sink right along with him.

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