Meta Is Reportedly Developing a New AI-Enabled Headphones With Cameras


Meta Is Reportedly Developing a New AI-Enabled Headphones With Cameras

Meta and Mark Zuckerberg are on to their next AI-infused project and this time the company is looking into a new kind of headphones with cameras. In a new report from The Information, Meta is now exploring the development of an AI-assisted headphone or earbuds that feature cameras.

Meta is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence-enabled set of earphones that have two outward facing cameras on the sides that will help to detect the wearer’s surroundings and provide real-time AI assistance. The working name for the project is “Camerabuds,” a play on earbuds and cameras and will be a part of the company’s list of wearable developments.

At this time, it is unclear how long the project has been in development at Meta and if it will be moving forward. Zuck nor Meta have responded just yet but he has reportedly “seen several possible designs for the device” but has not been “satisfied” with the progress yet. Engineering concerns have been flagged internally, including battery life and heat as well as expected privacy issues with the camera-enabled piece. Furthermore, the obstruction of the camera from those with long hair could potentially affect the design. As AI becomes more prominent, Meta has vowed to expand its myriad of products with various features. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

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