Willy Vanderperre’s Exhibition at MoMu Captures Fleeting Youth


Willy Vanderperre’s Exhibition at MoMu Captures Fleeting Youth

Willy Vanderperre’s latest exhibition, prints, films, a rave, and more…, greets visitors with walls covered in distressed posters of Julia Nobis from the 2015 Document Journal cover. These posters, reminiscent of flyposting for music or fashion ads, set the tone for a show steeped in Vanderperre’s long-standing artistic relationships. Nobis, one of his muses, has been a recurring subject in his work for many years, even inspiring a 2017 fan zine alongside Clément Chabernaud.

This exhibition marks a groundbreaking moment for MoMu, the Fashion Museum Antwerp, as they host Vanderperre, a celebrated fashion photographer, for a solo show. The focus on subcultures throughout his work highlights how youth has historically been a beacon of hope during difficult times.

Reflecting on his fascination with youth, Vanderperre told Dazed, “The essence of youth is fleeting. You only see the world through young eyes once in your lifetime. During adolescence, everything is new: new hormones, new anxieties, new doubts. You often feel isolated, as though no one understands you. There’s a magic and a sadness to that period. Looking back, you remember the misery but also view it with fondness as you grow older. It’s strange.”

The exhibition, running until August 4, 2024, also reflects Vanderperre’s interest in fan culture. He explains, “The posters are like an announcement that something will happen. They build anticipation for what’s to come in the exhibition.”

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