Miami Beach Police Adds Rolls-Royce as Recruitment Strategy


Miami Beach Police Adds Rolls-Royce as Recruitment Strategy

The Miami Beach Police Department has introduced a $250,000 USD Rolls-Royce Ghost patrol car to its fleet. Provided on loan by Braman Motors, this luxury vehicle is part of a strategy to enhance the department’s recruitment appeal.

At the unveiling in South Beach, Police Chief Wayne Jones highlighted the vehicle’s role in recruitment, stating, “Recruiting police officers is a difficult thing to do. Using this car to help us do recruitment is going to be great.” Equipped with police lights and sirens, the Rolls-Royce was flanked by motorcycle officers when it was presented.

The partnership ensures no taxpayer funds are used as Braman Motors covers all maintenance and gas, with the police force being responsible for damages. This initiative has captured widespread attention, showcasing the department’s innovative approach to meeting modern recruitment challenges. The inclusion of such a high-profile vehicle underscores the department’s efforts to stand out in a competitive recruitment landscape.

The deployment of such a high-profile vehicle for police recruitment has sparked considerable attention and discussion on social media. Check out the video below to see the Miami Beach Police Department’s Rolls-Royce in action, as posted on their Instagram.

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