Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: Redoux


Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: Redoux

Ahead of Hypebeast Flea New York on May 18 and 19, Hypebeast is spotlighting each of the event’s more than 30 vendors by giving an overview of their practice, their inspirations, and what they plan to bring to the event. Hypebeast Flea New York is free to attend — RSVP HERE

Asia Grant and Alejandro Cuevas’ shared love for skincare led to the creation of Redoux – a specialty scent and vegan skincare company. Its naturally purifying cleansing bars are accompanied by soulful fragrances and assembled with a delicate balance of modernity and nostalgia. Beyond the everyday products designed to embellish one’s life, Redoux offers lifestyle commentary to its community, addressing everything from finding your signature scent to explaining how various oils interact with your skin.

Explain your brand to people who may not know you yet.

Redoux is a fragrance brand centered around the sensorial — the visual, the auditory, the olfactory. We’re creating the next generation of scent experiences.

What about New York inspires you the most?

Nothing better than the serendipity of New York. Anything can happen here and that’s the purest joy.

What have you got planned at Hypebeast Flea?

We are bringing all of our signature scents that we are known for across soaps, candles, and home fragrances. I will also be creating a custom limited run perfume that will be available to purchase only at the event. I put a call out on Instagram and Tiktok for people to suggest what kind of fragrance I should create and for it and I’ve been getting stellar suggestions. I am thinking about hand-mixing it while I am there, tbd for now though 🙂

What other vendors are you looking forward to checking out at Hypebeast Flea?

Pink Essay, Edie Parker, and Manual!

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