Google Is Bringing Its ‘Project Starline’ 3D Tech to Video Calls


Google Is Bringing Its ‘Project Starline’ 3D Tech to Video Calls

Three years ago, Google launched Project Starline for more immersive, realistic video communications. Using AI and 3D imaging technology, Starline first started out as a 3D video chatting booth, where users saw a projection of the person they were talking to.

A later iteration evolved from a physical booth to a large screen with a camera mounted on top that tracked users’ movements. Still, the technology wasn’t available to the public and existed only as an internal experiment.

Starline is now making its way to the masses as Google ramps up its efforts to bring the technology to video calls, namely, Zoom and Google Meet.

The company has inked a partnership with HP to develop a commercial version of the technology. It will most likely arrive in the form of a personal computer that has been equipped with a smaller, more integrated version of the camera that Starline requires.

Google says it plans to reveal more details about the project in the near future.

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