Byredo Introduces Its First Solid Perfume


Byredo Introduces Its First Solid Perfume

In celebrating the 10th anniversary of Byredo‘s beloved “Mojave Ghost” fragrance, the brand now introduces its first solid perfume. This limited edition encapsulates the enchanting olfactory notes of the original Eau de Parfum in a concentrated wax form, offering a richer and more enduring scent experience.

Presented in sleek, nomadic metal brown packaging designed by Byredo’s founder and creative director, Ben Gorham, this compact design is perfect for fragrance lovers on the go. It allows for precise application, targeting the body’s warmest pulse points to maximize the scent’s longevity and intensity.

Featuring model Amelia Gray, the campaign connects the solid perfume with the desert landscape that inspired Mojave Ghost. This new version maintains the iconic notes of Ambrette, Nesberry, Violet, Sandalwood, Magnolia, Cedarwood, Musks, and Vetiver, transforming them into a potent and luxurious fragrance experience. It symbolizes the resilience and ethereal beauty of the ghost flower, thriving in the harsh Mojave Desert.

Byredo’s venture into solid perfumes marks a significant milestone for the brand and sets a new standard in personal scent application. The solid perfume will be available on Byredo’s website offering a unique and deeply personal way to experience one of its most iconic fragrances.


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