Bottega Veneta Readies Colorful Candle Collection


Bottega Veneta Readies Colorful Candle Collection

Italian luxury label Bottega Veneta has uncovered an all-new collection of colorful candles.

Marking the next evolution in its ever-expanding home line, which already includes myriad blankets, cushions, games and leather accessories, these latest aromatic additions look to liven up the mix with three distinct scents: “Redstone,” “Lantern” and “Raintree.” Among them, “Redstone” is said to possess a gentle, calming smell, and “Raintree” is described as natural and fresh. “Lantern,” meanwhile, boasts a warm, cozy scent.

Each waxy aroma is held inside a ceramic cup, which is doused in a multi-toned lava glaze that corresponds to its moniker. “Redstone,” for instance, features a red finish, while “Raintree” is green and “Lantern” is yellow. The molten glaze is applied to each candleholder individually before going under a flame, which produces air bubbles across the design.

Additionally, each candle’s wax is melted in a kiln and hand-poured into the aforementioned containers. The brand noted that each candleholder can be refilled after its initial use, in an effort to promote sustainable design.

Bottega Veneta’s new candle line will launch online and in stores on Wednesday, May 22. Each scent will cost ¥61,600 JPY, or approximately $395 USD. Take a look at the designs in the gallery above.

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