Birkenstock Taps Media Collective sabukaru For New Shinjuku Campaign Visuals


Birkenstock Taps Media Collective sabukaru For New Shinjuku Campaign Visuals

Having recently announced the release of its new silhouette, the Shinjuku, Birkenstock has now teamed up with Tokyo-based online media collective sabukaru to produce its latest campaign visuals.

Inspired by the intersection of nature and the city seen across Japan’s landscapes, Birkenstock’s new silhouette is designed with maximum comfort in mind. The latest campaign sees sabukaru enlist three creatives from Shinjuku to hear their stories of what the city’s vibrant district means to them and how this cultural hub has been a pivotal part of their journey.

Find out more about the talent featured in the campaign below.

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For Akari – a pâtissier at the city’s busy station – baking has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. Now able to turn her passion into a business, Akari proudly serves the Shinjuku community on their busy commutes, crafting every delectable pastry with love. “To me, Shinjuku is a lively place where you can feel the energy of the people,” she explains. She feels this energy every day when walking through the hectic station to open her store but this is what she says, “matches my personality perfectly.”


After graduating from the country’s renowned Bunka Fashion College, it was here where Kei found his calling. Located in the center of Shinjuku, the city holds a special place in his heart. Despite currently being around the illustrious fashion districts of Shibuya and Harajuku, the director of the label Car Service and member of the creative collective Youth Quake, Shinjuku remains a turning point in his career. “I still am always with the friends and creatives I’ve met during my time here,” he says. “It was an irreplaceable time of my life.”


The third creative to feature in the campaign is Jae Won, also known as J. Having grown up in the metropolis, he celebrates the rich diversity of the city where various cultures live in harmony. It was his parents who are credited for being the first to introduce Korean barbecue to Tokyo, opening in Shinjuku’s bustling Koreatown. Embracing the innovative entrepreneurship of his parents, J launched Bacon, a creative bar and music space in the same district, an area where he knew he wanted to open his first solo venture. “Shin-Okubo is still in its developing days, I kind of see it as a blank piece of paper with potential,” he says on finding the right location for Bacon.

Watch the sabukaru’s short film in the video above. For more information on the new Birkenstock Shinjuku silhouette, visit the brand’s website.

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