The Best Looks From the Fashion Institute of Technology’s 2024 Future of Fashion Runway


The Best Looks From the Fashion Institute of Technology’s 2024 Future of Fashion Runway

In continuing to showcase the expanded creativity and skills of student designers, the Fashion Institute of Technology held its 2024 Future of Fashion runway show this week. The annual show celebrates the best work from the Fashion Design BFA graduating class.

Regardless of the institution, student exhibitions remain as core emerging highlights in the industry as the young designers create without inhibition. This year’s showcase revealed 82 designs from 73 students across the categories of knitwear, special occasion, intimate apparel, sportswear and childrenswear – showcasing not the versatile creative work, but the students’ worldly backgrounds that span 20 countries and 21 US states.

With each show, FIT also awards its FIT Future of Fashion Critics Awards to members of the graduating class. In knitwear, the award went to Mai Nanao and Yilei Qian. For special occasion, Keyue Chen, Sofie Hultbom and Kea Oudom Seng were the recipients. Intimate Apparel saw Ryan Depaolo take home the award. Sportwear saw the largest number of award recipients including, Chloe Franzen, Madeline Hausner, Namwoo Kim, Everette Landers, Hayden Mullikin, and Sunghye Park. Then, the children’s wear award went to Stephanie She.

“Our talented students really are exceptional. They arrive at our doors, bursting with talent and energy and creativity and intelligence, with a firm belief that they know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives,” said FIT’s President, Dr. Joyce F. Brown. “They’re highly motivated and they are deeply determined. They have big dreams.”

Check out some of the highlights from FIT’s 2024 Future of Fashion runway show in the gallery above.

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