Step Back in Time with LEGO’s Retro Radio Set


Step Back in Time with LEGO’s Retro Radio Set

LEGO unveils the Icons Retro Radio set, a delightful nod to the iconic ’50s and ’60s music eras. This 906-piece set offers a distinctive building experience for enthusiasts of music and art. The completed model stands over 13 inches high, 9 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep, making it a substantial and eye-catching display piece.

The LEGO Retro Radio promises to transport its builders back in time with its authentic design and colorful accents. Once assembled, the radio features a functional dial that controls sound on/off settings and switches between various pre-recorded tunes in its soundbrick, mirroring the operation of a true retro radio. For a modern twist, it also includes a hidden compartment in the back panel where a mobile phone can be stowed to play music.

With its bright colors and nostalgic design, the LEGO Retro Radio is both a functional piece and a decorative centerpiece that fits well in modern interiors, bringing a touch of retro charm to any setting.

The LEGO Icons Retro Radio will be available for LEGO Insiders starting June 1, and for all from June 4, at LEGO Stores and online, priced at $100 USD.


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