MAD Architects’ Cloud 9 Sports Center Redefines Shijiazhuang’s Cityscape


MAD Architects’ Cloud 9 Sports Center Redefines Shijiazhuang’s Cityscape

In the rapidly evolving cityscape of Shijiazhuang, the Cloud 9 Sports Center is emerging as a landmark of modern architecture and community integration. Spanning 6,000 square meters in the Central Business District’s Central Park, this project, designed by Ma Yansong and MAD Architects, stands as a testament to innovative urban development. The center transcends its primary function as an athletic complex by blending seamlessly with the park’s natural environment through its soft, cloud-like façade made from a translucent membrane.

Designed with a strong focus on sustainability, the Cloud 9 Sports Center features strategic cooling towers that optimize air circulation and reduce the building’s environmental footprint. The roof, partially covered with green plants, extends towards the park, further integrating the structure into its surroundings. This design not only respects the local ecology but also enhances the aesthetic value of the area.

The center’s facilities are robust, including a state-of-the-art gym that offers panoramic views of the urban and natural landscape, and indoor and outdoor tennis courts that promote an active lifestyle. A semi-outdoor staircase accessible to the public winds up the building, leading visitors to a third-floor observation deck for expansive views of the park and city.

Set for completion in 2025, the Cloud 9 Sports Center is poised to become a central hub for sports, leisure, and community activities, contributing significantly to the revitalization of Shijiazhuang’s urban core and offering a new venue for social interaction and recreation.

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