Legendary to Adapt Poppy Playtime into Live Action Film


Legendary to Adapt Poppy Playtime into Live Action Film

Legendary Entertainment is set to produce a live-action film adaptation of the horror video game Poppy Playtime in collaboration with Mob Entertainment and Angry Films. The game, which follows a former employee exploring an eerie toy factory where toys have menacing lives of their own, has become a standout in horror gaming since its first chapter debuted in 2021.

Poppy Playtime has not only excelled in the horror genre but has also seen rapid expansion across various gaming platforms, attracting over 12 million players worldwide. The planned film adaptation promises to bring the game’s chilling narrative and atmospheric tension to the big screen, tapping into the growing appetite for video game movies following successes like Sonic the Hedgehog and Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is returning for a sequel in 2025.

Details about the film’s plot and cast remain under wraps, with no confirmed release date yet. However, this new project from Legendary aims to translate Poppy Playtime’s unique blend of puzzles and survival horror into a cinematic experience, broadening its reach and bringing its creepy toy characters to life in a new format.

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