Hypebeast Flea is Joined by Modelo Especial For an Immersive Gallery Showcasing Hispanic/Latin Artists


Hypebeast Flea is Joined by Modelo Especial For an Immersive Gallery Showcasing Hispanic/Latin Artists

Hypebeast Flea is kicking off at Greenpoint Terminal Market on May 18 and 19 with a colorful cast of vendors, independent local brands, and artisans who will showcase their curated finds and creations. Highlighting both emerging and established tastemakers within New York’s creative community, the flea market pays homage to the determined creatives who are shaping the local youth culture scene.

Hypebeast Flea will include notable vendors such as ALL CAPS STUDIO, Lichen, Edie Parker and more — the event encourages connection and the discovery of new brands and vintage finds. Modelo Especial, a brand rooted in quality and authenticity, aligned effortlessly alongside the flea’s vendors who also reflect authentic creativity. As a part of the Modelo “Mark of a Fighter” campaign which celebrates Hispanic/Latin heritage, the brand partnered with three artists to create commissioned pieces that will live in a gallery at Hypebeast Flea. Each artist showed off their resourcefulness by creating pieces using what they had lying around in their studios or homes, really living up to the campaign’s ethos.

Tasked with taking on the Modelo Humbly Me Design Challenge, the three selected artists will create pieces that reflect their heritage, displaying their tenacity and authentic vision. These one-of-a-kind pieces will be displayed in an immersive gallery, elevated by a Modelo bar within the art space.

Loso, a custom designer based in NYC, creates hand-stitched sashiko-inspired hats that have been sported by some of the biggest names in fashion and culture. He is heavily influenced by the city’s vibrant street culture and his own Mexican roots. His Humbly Me Design Challenge project will consist of a classic fitted cap embellished with the eagle from the Mexican flag as well as the New York Mets logo, calling to the lively Hispanic community in Queens. His display will also show off custom leather jackets and Timberland boots.

COVL, also known as D’ana Nunez, is a Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist from Miami who is dedicated to honoring her Latin culture through her work. She uses color psychology and an imaginative approach to create alluring paintings that bring about conversations about community and her origins. Her project will be a commissioned painting titled, “At Face Value.” The colors and pattern of the large textured painting are reminiscent of her abuela’s floral tablecloth, a distinct memory she holds onto from childhood days spent with her grandparents. COVL’s display will also include additional custom garments and graphic prints of her artwork.

Lastly, Dominican designer Kevin Leonel, weaves memories and significant mementos into his designs, upcycling old tablecloths or textiles and reworking them into his pieces. He’s known for reimagining sportswear into clothing — hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and more, bridging the realms of fashion and sports. For the Modelo gallery at Hypebeast Flea, Leonel will create an intricate jacket, decorated with poinsettia, the Christmas flower of Mexico, lions to represent Mexico City, antique lace, and gold accents to align with the color of malt. His additional items will include custom knitted hoodies and upcycled bandana shorts.

Each custom Modelo piece will be auctioned off via a silent bidding process, and all proceeds will be donated to the New York City-based organization Dress for Success. Visit Hypebeast Flea to see the gallery in action, and visit modelousa.com to learn more about the “Mark of a Fighter” campaign.


Hypebeast Flea
Greenpoint Terminal Market
73 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
May 18-19th

Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast

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