Weekly Round Up 10 – BASHYno 


Weekly Round Up 10 – BASHYno 
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There’s a lot of negative energy going around the hip hop game right now. Whether Drake is a nonce has taken up much of public discourse and, quite frankly, I’m sick of it. Luckily enough, UK hip hop is here to spread some positive vibes and correct the karmic balance just in time to stop me moving to the Bermudas and never accessing the internet again. Here’s the new releases that formed my salvation…


King Kashmere and Alecs DeLarge just bootlegged their own single. Featuring an 8-bit remix of FM synthesised remix of ‘Damien Darhk’ with the visuals to boot, the track announces a full-fledged otherworldly reimagining of their debut collaborative release The Album to End All Alien Abductions. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, I guess!


What do you get when you combine Farma G production, a verse from Sonnyjim and Tricky’s label False Idols? A spectacular lead single from Wish Master’s upcoming album No CPR, dropping 28th June, that’s what. Sonnyjim’s ridiculously lavish brags (“throw the chicken on the arga”) form the perfect accoutrement to Farma G’s menacing production and Wish Master’s lyrical prowess.


With all that is perpetually wrong with the world, there is some small comfort in having Bashy back releasing music again. The actor-rapper is a welcome voice of reason, and here he can be heard discussing the thought process behind his latest single ‘Sweet Boys Turned Sour’.

Posse Cut

Try think of a better name for this track. I’ll wait. Remixing Essa & Pitch 92’s ‘Heavyweight’ lifted of their upcoming album, this posse cut boasts a collective skin in the game that spans well beyond a century, and regional coverage that spans the entire country. Tony D sums it up best- “chalk it off, twenty years deep and never fallen off”.  


Not fucking with this round up? Think you could have contributed something better? Well, The Rap Game have just the opportunity for you. Hosting their first ever live auditions, the British rap competition show is giving aspiring MCs the chance to leave an impression on Krept, Konan and DJ Target in-person, with winners securing a place on the TV show.