Lamborghini Joins Panasonic’s Technics for Special-Edition Turntable


Lamborghini Joins Panasonic’s Technics for Special-Edition Turntable

Lamborghini has teamed up with Panasonic’s Technics to produce a collaborative SL-1200M7B turntable system. The co-branded model is a special-edition version based on the SL-1200MK7/SL-1210MK7 DJ sets from the SL-1200 series — and it’s accompanied by a vinyl record filled with the engine sounds of several Lamborghini vehicles.

The turntable’s design is galvanized by Lamborghini’s signature “Y” shape, with tones inspired by those on the automakers’ cars: Arancio Apodis, Verde Shock and Giallo Athon. With a two-layer structure platter, the model features a coreless direct drive motor that stabilizes rotation, as well as a robust tonearm that can accurately read signals engraved in records. Additionally, the device’s high-damping insulation thoroughly shuts out vibrations; the pitch control function stabilizes pitch adjustment, and the reverse play function offers more flexibility for DJs’ playing styles.

Sound plays a crucial role in both brands’ identities, but it isn’t the only thing the two have in common. “Despite coming from completely different markets, looking back on their approximately 60-year history, both Automobili Lamborghini and Technics share similarities in their underlying corporate cultures,” reads a press release. “Both engage in thorough technological development using unique ideas to provide customers with unforgettable experiences and are uncompromising in their approach to manufacturing.”

The Lamborghini x Technics SL-1200M7B turntable system will launch in the US in July of this year. Pricing details are not yet available. Take a look at the design in the gallery above.

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