Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: FSP Outdoors


Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: FSP Outdoors

Ahead of Hypebeast Flea New York on May 18 and 19, Hypebeast is spotlighting each of the event’s more than 30 vendors by giving an overview of their practice, their inspirations, and what they plan to bring to the event. Hypebeast Flea New York is free to attend — RSVP HERE

Founded by Blair Kemp, FSP Outdoors is a New York City-based outdoor bag and gear brand focused on finding the most complex pleasures in the natural world. It’s best known for one-of-a-kind fanny packs. All of FSP’s bags are hand-sewn in its Brooklyn studio, and the brand boasts a lifetime repair policy—if you break it, they’ll fix it. FSP Outdoors also curates a magazine that features local artists and friends who share a mutual dedication to uplifting the natural world.

Explain your brand to people who may not know you yet.

FSP Outdoors exists to create items that inspire a person to be outdoors, items that can be carried through the world and become sentimental. I make bags for climbing, hiking, surfing, and anything that gets you out of the house. I make everything in a small studio in Brooklyn. The patterns and designs constantly evolve depending on how I use the bags and how I observe other people using them.

What about New York inspires you the most?

New York is still spontaneous. You can run into someone you haven’t seen in years and spend the rest of the day with them. That kind of organic experience doesn’t happen most places anymore. Plus, everything is happening here. Whatever you want to be into exists here, and you can find it and participate. It’s even close to the beach and climbing spots.

What have you got planned at Hypebeast Flea?

I have some new bag styles I’m going to show for the first time in person, some bigger hiking packs I’ve been working on for years and a few random small things made from fabric scraps that will only be available at the Flea. I’m also planning to bring a little TV set up and show some classic outdoor videos.

What other vendors are you looking forward to checking out at Hypebeast Flea?

I’m looking forward to seeing the books, magazines, and zines that Head Hi and Village Works bring. I’m also excited to see all the handmade stuff people have. I know a ton of work goes into all that so excited to see it in person and talk about it with the makers.

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