OpenAI Is Reportedly Building a Search Engine to Compete With Google


OpenAI Is Reportedly Building a Search Engine to Compete With Google

OpenAI is working on a new search engine that will streamline its question-answering capabilities, Bloomberg reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

The reported search feature would live within ChatGPT. Users would be able to ask a question and in turn, will be given answers that source and cite content from the internet like “Wikipedia entries and blog posts.”

Bloomberg described the search engine as a rival to Google in the making. According to the source, one version would answer questions with both written text and images.

“If a user asked ChatGPT how to change a doorknob, for instance, the results might include a diagram to illustrate the task, the person said,” per Bloomberg.

Previous reports from months ago detailed the early stages of developing the search feature and alleged that it would be powered by the Microsoft-owned Bing.

One engineer on X also pointed out that OpenAI’s certificate logs showed that they had created the domain,

OpenAI is about to go after Google search.

This could be the most serious threat Google has ever faced.

OpenAI’s SSL certificate logs now show they created

Microsoft Bing would allegedly power the service.

This shouldn’t be too surprising,…

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