Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: Tooth Charm


Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: Tooth Charm

Ahead of Hypebeast Flea New York on May 18 and 19, Hypebeast is spotlighting each of the event’s more than 30 vendors by giving an overview of their practice, their inspirations, and what they plan to bring to the event. Hypebeast Flea New York is free to attend — RSVP HERE

Tooth Charm is a NYC favorite for tooth tattoos, tooth piercing illusions and more due to mononymic founder Clarissa’s unique flair for creating eye-catching designs for her clients. Some of Clarissa’s clients include Farfetch, SOREL Footwear, Nike and Spotify, the latter three for which Clarissa provided onsite services at their sponsored events. Tooth Charm has also captured the attention of the music industry, with Clarrisa’s work being featured in Vic Mensa and Ty Dolla’s $ign’s “East Side Girl.”

Explain your brand to people who may not know you yet.

Tooth Charm is a NYC based jewelry brand. We specialize in toothgems, grilz, and other unique forms of tooth jewelry like “tooth tattoos” and kinetic pieces. You may have seen us at an event or two, as we do tooth gems all around NYC in partnership with brands and collection launches.

What about New York inspires you the most?

NYC has some of the most diverse styles and trends, and they’re always changing and evolving. I love the fast paced nature of this city. It makes me want to keep up, keep creating, and keep growing.

What have you got planned at Hypebeast Flea?

Lots of toothgem options! We will be taking grillz impressions as well for anyone wanting a Tooth Charm grill. And we are also bringing our regular jewelry line along for anyone who wants to sport some tooth themed jewelry in the form of rings and bracelets.

What other vendors are you looking forward to checking out at Hypebeast Flea?

I’m looking forward to seeing Studio Cult’s items in person, and saying hey to my friends at Edie Parker. And of course, I’m always excited about the sustainable brands like Strawberry Western and Extra Vitamins — I will definitely have to pick up a few pieces from them.

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