Yanga Chief Teases Mothers’ Tribute Single “Mbali Yam”

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The post Yanga Chief Teases Mothers’ Tribute Single “Mbali Yam” appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

Yanga Chief Teases Mothers’ Tribute Single “Mbali Yam.” It’s truly positive when rappers step beyond their comfort zone of constant rapping to delve into other musical paths, opting for singing instead.

Yanga Chief Teases Mothers’ Tribute Single “Mbali Yam”

Yanga Chief is one of the SA rappers who has opted to delve into something different this time around in his upcoming single “Mbali Yam.” Taking to Instagram, the award-winning rapper teased the single which is slated for release on the 5th of May 2024.

In the post, the Utatakho chanter disclosed that the song serves as a sincere homage to the profound impact of maternal love provided by mothers everywhere. “For All The Moms. 3/5/24,” Yanga Chief announced.

“Mbali Yam” is poised to strike a chord with audiences on an intimate level, as Yanga Chief taps into his personal experiences and keen observations to weave a story that honours the altruism and steadfast backing of mothers. Utilizing his distinctive lyrical talent and captivating melodies, Yanga Chief is primed to pay tribute to the love and sacrifices of mothers across the board.

As fans eagerly await its release, the track is primed to grace the airwaves in the upcoming days. Yanga Chief’s heartfelt endeavour to encapsulate the profound depth of maternal love within his music not only showcases his unwavering dedication to authenticity and narrative but also solidifies his standing as one of South Africa’s most captivating musical luminaries.

Yanga Chief recently poured out his deep love for his mother on her birthday, following a touching celebration by her students at the school where she teaches.

“To the coolest Mom in the world. If you’ve ever had a mom as a teacher you know you have to share her with her students. I want to take this moment to thank those students today, every time I couldn’t be there to wish her happy birthday in person, I’ve been able to watch her being showered with love uMama wam. I know she refers to her students as “ abantwana bam.“

“I’ve met many people that she has taught who all say ngu Mama wethu . Mamfene, Hlathi, you’ve raised warriors in your own home and many giants in different classrooms. I want to thank you for being so giving with your time and with your heart. Now I understand why I’m the way I am . Happy Birthday Hlathi. Love you beyond measure,” wrote Yanga Chief.

The post Yanga Chief Teases Mothers’ Tribute Single “Mbali Yam” appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.