Swatch Adds New CLASS ACT Watch to Its ‘The Simpsons’ Collection


Swatch Adds New CLASS ACT Watch to Its ‘The Simpsons’ Collection

Whether it be its core line or collaborative offerings, Swatch is always looking to expand its portfolio. One of its key offerings is its The Simpsons Collection, which has tossed up seasonal multi-piece offerings alongside special holiday drops over the years. Now the Swiss watchmaker is expanding its The Simpsons Collection once again with its new CLASS ACT Watch.

As a means of student celebration, the CLASS ACT Watch arrives for graduation season, whether it be primary education, college or post-graduate level, it’s the time for degrees and diplomas. So to celebrate the class of 2024, the CLASS ACT watch sees a standout dial with Lisa Simpson in graduation attire holding a stack of books. Given Lisa’s intelligence, she serves as the clear choice from the Simpson family.

The watch appears in a bold preppy purple color, which graces the entirety of the 34mm GENT model. Alongside Lisa, another standout feature of the dial is its time display, which utilizes multiplication – forcing you to practice those learned math skills. The watch’s band also comes in a purple hue and is accentuated by sketch graphic details that see hearts and math.

Retailing for $100 USD, the CLASS ACT watch is available now online at Swatch.

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