Roll Like Batman in Automobili Pininfarina’s Latest Hypercar Duo

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Roll Like Batman in Automobili Pininfarina’s Latest Hypercar Duo

You can now tear through the streets like Batman, thanks to Automobili Pininfarina‘s latest hypercar duo, created in collaboration with Warner Bros-owned Wayne Enterprises. The vehicles are special editions of the Battista and Barchetta 95 (B95), available in four total iterations with a hyper-limited production run — as The Bat would have it.

Two trim combinations are available — the Gotham and the Dark Knight — for both cars. For both body types, clients can choose from the Nero Profondo-on-black Dark Knight trim level, or tone it down a little with the Gotham configuration, featuring Argento Vittorio silver with a tan leather interior.

Notably, the special editions include various Batman references, including Wayne Enterprises logos adorning the interior, Bruce Wayne-style tuxedo stripes on the seats and even an infotainment voice that is modeled after the ever-loyal butler and mentor Alfred Pennyworth.⁠

Taking a closer look at performance, both the Battista, the hard-top edition of the hypercar duo and its open-top counterpart boast a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery and four motors, producing approximately 1,900 hp and 1726 lb-ft of torque. With this impressive powerhouse, both vehicles are capable of 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, numbers that even The Gotham Guardian would be impressed by.

To acquire these vehicles, you might need a Bruce Wayne budget — if that’s not a problem, the Battista starts at approximately $3,600,000 USD and the B95 at $5,200,000 USD, with more information on the duo available via Automobili Pininfarina’s official site.

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