Omar Sha3 and Ana Barriga Unveil ‘Harmony in Play’ Mural at BRED Abu Dhabi Festival


Omar Sha3 and Ana Barriga Unveil ‘Harmony in Play’ Mural at BRED Abu Dhabi Festival

The BRED Abu Dhabi festival, presented by HYPEBEAST, recently concluded its dynamic showcase at the Yas Bay Waterfront. Among its diverse attractions, the unveiling of the Harmony in Play: A Mural of Love, Unity, and Nature mural by artists Omar Sha3 and Ana Barriga stood out for its expressive elements amidst a lively, dynamic collaboration between the artists.

Situated within the vibrant Hypeart Studio, the mural encapsulates the essence of joy, love, unity, and the interconnectedness between humanity and nature. Ana Barriga’s playful aesthetic, blending reason with emotion, infuses the artwork with elements of fun, playfulness, and irony. Through her dedication to learning and her passion for painting, Barriga invites viewers into a world where imagination reigns supreme.

Complementing Barriga’s style, Omar Sha3 contributes a narrative rich in symbolism and universal themes. Sha3’s concept explores profound connections between humanity, nature, and the concept of home. At its heart, a dynamic interplay between a golf flag and a majestic rose symbolizes playfulness and love, respectively.

Surrounding the central imagery are lush greenery and floral motifs, emblematic of nature’s beauty and its enduring influence on human experience. Through vibrant colors and rich symbolism, Harmony in Play serves as a poignant reminder of life’s simple pleasures and the transformative power of love and unity.

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