Nasty C Turns Up The Heat With New Joint “Compress”

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Nasty C Turns Up The Heat With New Joint “Compress.” One common understanding among South African rappers is that Hip Hop operates as a competitive sport, and Nasty C stands out as a prime example of an artist who has fully grasped this notion.

Nasty C Turns Up The Heat With New Joint “Compress”

The multi-award-winning rapper has once again proved why he has amassed a wide range of fans throughout his career with a new joint “Compress.” Nasty C recently took to social media and announced the imminent release of Ivyson Pack which is now available on streaming platforms.

Collaborating with Maeta on the “See Me Now” remix was just the beginning of the buzz surrounding Nasty C‘s recent releases. However, the track “Compress” truly ignited conversations within the South African rap scene.

In this powerful song, Nasty C unleashed a barrage of rap bars, subtly targeting some of his rivals in the SA rap game. The track captivated audiences as Nasty C skillfully weaved through intricate rhymes, delivering a potent message that reverberated throughout the industry.

In a bold move that has stirred both admiration and debate within the music community, the renowned Hell Naw hitmaker did not mince his words, asserting his dominance with a resounding declaration: “All of us artists I’m an elite one.”

This unapologetic proclamation adds another layer of intrigue to the release of his latest single, “Compress,” as fans and critics alike eagerly assess whether the track lives up to the lofty standards set by the artist himself.

Fans have praised the track for its raw energy and undeniable authenticity. Social media has been buzzing with excitement, as listeners share their favourite lyrics and moments from the track.

“‘My biggest hater looks homeless” #Ivysonpack

— Remis (@remisworldwide) April 3, 2024

“Walking and sliding all over this beat I got 808’s caught on my laces”

Money Power Respect

— Nasty C Related (@RelatedNastyC) April 3, 2024

Y’all are not Nasty C fans. If you were, you wouldn’t have to ask us for prove that he can write. You would know.

Yes, he’s a conscious rapper. Yes, he is lyrical. You just don’t know that because you don’t listen to him. But you wanna engage in conversation about his music

— Winter the V I S I O N A R Y (@VisionaryWintxr) April 3, 2024

Nasty C really went like “I don’t want nothing to do with you
Have fun in the matrix” to the slimes

— K E I T H (@heiskeith_) April 3, 2024

bro is really tapping into that travis & ye outro syndrome.#IvysonPack

— Ippo Makunouchi. (@ThePeoplesCho12) April 3, 2024

The post Nasty C Turns Up The Heat With New Joint “Compress” appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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