Hypebeast Flea New York Vendor Spotlight: ESENES WORLDWIDE


Ahead of Hypebeast Flea New York on May 18 and 19, Hypebeast is spotlighting each of the event’s more than 30 vendors by giving an overview of their practice, their inspirations, and what they plan to bring to the event. Hypebeast Flea New York is free to attend — RSVP HERE

ESENES WORLDWIDE, founded by Justin Son in 2021, is known for its unapologetically mischievous designs — fittingly, as its name is drawn from the phrase “sorry not sorry.” No stranger to virality, the brand has produced everything from clogs inspired by the bony visage of the Pokémon Cuebone to warped “Loose Screw” snapbacks, and, most recently, Tabi-toed, Timberland-inspired wheat boots it’s dubbed “Butters” for a playful reference to the NYC staple. If you like your streetwear with a dash of (thoughtful) irreverence, you’ve come to the right place.

Explain your brand to people who may not know you yet.

ESENES WORLDWIDE — pronounced “SNS,” shorthand for “Sorry Not Sorry” — was established around the idea of self expression and unapologetically remaining true to your identity. ESENES WORLDWIDE draws from nostalgia and a response in culture today. The brand’s playful designs, paired with quality materials and craftsmanship rapidly garnered an organic community of like-minded individuals who identify with the ESENES WORLDWIDE message.

What about New York inspires you the most?

My friends and family I met during my experience here. People in NYC are mean but nice, hard working but unselfish, driven but also wholesome. I’m very fortunate to have a homebase full of creative talent and inspiration that I can consider my family(s) who push each other to be better, stronger people. Considering how demanding our society can be, we always make an effort to help each other when we can. That camaraderie is hard to find today and I appreciate my peoples so much for that.

What have you got planned at Hypebeast Flea?

Every opportunity that’s given to ESENES, we always try to go above and beyond. We want to execute another installation based on our experience in Asia/Japan. We want to bring the charming, individual qualities of Osaka, Japan along with a curated Japanese archival collection with our friends from Chameleon Vintage (SF).

What other vendors are you looking forward to checking out at Hypebeast Flea?

All my peoples and friends: Dom from photodom., the ALL CAPS STUDIO team, PHILLLLLTHY etc! Excited to meet new like-minded folks too.

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