Drake Hits Back With “The Heart Part 6” Track, Xitter Examines The Bars

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Drake has responded to Kendrick Lamar as some expected with “The Heart Part 6,” adding new fuel to their explosive feud. In the track, the Canadian superstar addresses the accusations of being romantically involved with minors and more and fans on Xitter are wondering if it’s enough.

I want to speak as myself for a minute and express that I have never cared less about a rap beef. I find nothing exciting, interesting, or enthralling about two Black titans of the culture fighting and exposing each other. What is the end goal? It does nothing for the greater good. And, as Vince Stapes said, this is only aiding a particular segment of the industry and certainly not the creators. Anyway, let’s get into this newest salvo from Drake.

Titling the response “The Heart Part 6” is clearly taking a page out of Kendrick Lamar and his “The Heart” series, and directly addresses some of the heinous acts that K-Dot accused Drizzy of.

From “The Heart Part 6”:

The Pulitzer Prize winner is definitely spiralin’
I got your fucking lines tapped, I swear that I’m dialed in
First, I was a rat, so where’s the proof of the trial then?
Where’s the paperwork or the cabinet it’s filed in?
1090 Jake would’ve took all the walls down
The streets would’ve had me hidin’ out in a small town
My Montreal connects stand up, not fall down
The ones that you’re gettin’ your stories from, they all clowns
I am a war gеneral, seasoned in prеparation
My jacket is covered in medals, honor and decoration
You waited for this moment, overcome with the desperation
We plotted for a week and then we fed you the information
A daughter that’s eleven years old, I bet he takes it
We thought about giving a fake name or a destination
But you so thirsty, you not concerned with investigation
Instead you in Advantage Studio, it’s a celebration

Considering that Kendrick Lamar seemingly has a lot of contempt for Drake, most fans are expecting a response from that side very soon. As it stands, fans of the pair of siding with their faves while detractors are taking their positions as expected. We’ve got reactions from X, formerly Twitter, from all sides below along with the track in question.

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