Absolut and Copy Lab Are Shaping the Future of Representation in AI Fashion


Absolut and Copy Lab Are Shaping the Future of Representation in AI Fashion

For years, representation in fashion has constantly been in question with a number of harmful beauty standards set on runways and in campaigns season upon season. As these stereotypes now begin to seep into AI-generated fashion, Absolut channels its work in diversity and inclusivity by teaming up with creative agency and AI imaging studio Copy Lab to challenge and reverse its rising bias.

The forward-thinking initiative sees them delve into the mechanisms of AI to develop a new algorithm to portray diverse human traits. Growing tired of seeing generated images based on existing data, the brands processed 10,000 new image prompts spanning different ethnicities, ages, and genders.

Putting the new dataset to the test, the brands have curated an extended series of images generated with AI. From clean-cut editorials to casual street snaps, the library of images show the various ways which technology can depict humans inclusively. The new images will be published in the second edition of Copy Magazine, the studio’s printed AI fashion publication.

As well as elevating Copy Lab’s AI-focused media, the new project finds Absolut building on its decades-long mission for inclusivity in the technological realm of fashion. Speaking of the project, Absolut’s Global Marketing VP Debasree Dasgupta shares, “By challenging these biases, we aim to contribute to the creation of a more equitable and inclusive technology that positively impacts individuals and communities on a global scale. We hope that our partnership with Copy Lab will act as a catalyst and encourage people and brands to join the mission, as this is not something we can solve alone.”

To find out more about the initiative, watch the brand’s latest video on YouTube or head to it’s website now.

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